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Tailor • Alteration • Laundry

All kinds of alterations • Expert in Suits & Bridal Gowns

Same Day Service Available!

2004 Eastgate Way - Tallahassee, FL  32308

Hours:  Mon-Fri 9AM-7PM  Sat 10AM-3PM

Telephone: (850) 894-1345    (850) 570-1436

Wadad Tailor Shop

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I brought in two dresses to be altered and was very pleased with the quality and the work.  The owner extremely kind and efficient!!  Will be back!  - Susie West 850-212-9709 - April 2016

I had been coming here for many years and that’s because the work done is meticulous.  Perfect and never rushed.  I have been a satisfied customer each time and I am sure nothing will change.  Thank you for caring so much in what you do - it reflects in your work.  - Adnenne Carson 813-657-4979 -

“The seamstress is  always nice and very patient always.”  - Daphne 413-1204 -

Maly (seamtress), you are professional in your dry cleaning business and as a person.  Always courteous, kind, smiling.  Always want to please.  Always neat in your appearance.  Always number 1.   - Karen Lang -

“Wadad Tailor Shop is doing a superb alteration job.  I would highly recommend them for every body.  Thanks!”   - Arturo -813-957-1135 -

“Wadad Tailor Shop.  The service is very nice and working professional all perfects.”  - William 407-822-8062 -

“Wadad.  Very friendly courteous & pleasant, good customer relations”  - Maureen H. 813-653-0658 -

“Excellent work.  Very friendly & patient.  Couldn’t ask for better service or product!”  - Jake B. 813-671-3330 -

“Very conscientious, precise sewing techniques, reasonable rates, very pleasant to work with.”  - N. Harold 813-388-0800 -

I have been tremendously pleased with Wadad Tailor. I had tried two others before coming here, and their work can not compare to the quality.  I will not take my clothes no where else.  - unsigned -

I am very happy how Wadad adjusted my suits and coats that were too large for me.  She does a terrific job.  Thank you!  - Pete 813-655- 8881 -

We love the service here.  We ........ Had over 10+ pieces of altered and every last one was beautiful, perfect.  We have told everyone we know about Wadad’s.  We love her and her work is faultless.  - Lahada P. Laney 813-671-1358 -

Your service really made me a satisfied customer.  I’ll always come back because I can tell the work is well done, detailed, and perfect.  Excellent job!  - Hernie Kidd 813-643-5613 -

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